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We have created this lair in an effort to inspire unity among what we lovingly call "our kind". "Our Kind" are those who may have felt isolated or misunderstood or simply have a desire for community but maybe haven't found the right place to fit in yet. Any with an interest in understanding and promoting unity among alternative beliefs and subcultures may join. We are eclectic and are not affiliated with any one path, belief or subculture...all paths and beliefs are welcome. All levels of experience, practice or those simply interested may join us. We foster an environment of openness and non-discrimination. Regardless of your practice, belief or affiliation we do not judge.there is no right or wrong way.only differences. Our most prevalent associations include: Vampires, Otherkin, BDSM, GLBT, Witchcraft, Paganism, Occultism, Spirituality, Theology and Paranormal.

We operate both as an online and an offline community. Our main off-line community is in Las Vegas, NV and we welcome those in the area to join or if you're visiting the area, feel free to stop by a meet-up! The Main Community online is open to any no matter where you live!

We encourage everyone to get involved and help bridge the gap between the communities and with those who may not understand us. Our main Chapter in Las Vegas is going get involved with Haven in YOUR area! Join your kindred spirits...Even the tiniest flame can ignite a mighty inferno...

We have created this lair in an effort to inspire unity among what

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