Haven of Kindred Spirits was formed in order to create a community of our kind with focus on acceptance, understanding and unity. Our members include vampires/vampyres, otherkin, pagans, goths, donors, GLBT, the like and the like-minded. We support our right to alternative beliefs and struggle for acceptance in the world, and we welcome any who want to learn and understand. We believe that even the tiniest flame possesses the power to ignite a mighty inferno. Individually we can make a difference, but united we can change the world.

Our mission at Haven is to be a sanctuary to and of our kind without enforcing the opinions of the few upon the group. We are here to be teachers and students in the studies of our kind and the lore that surrounds us. We are Haven--a place to feel welcome, to ask questions, to learn, to share, to teach, to understand, to be enlightened and empowered, to have no fear of repercussions for what/who you are and being what/who you are. Here you can trust and be yourself. We strive to be open-minded individuals sharing ideas and experiences to further our goals collectively and individually. Some of these goals include:

  1. To promote unity and understanding about various subcultures and alternative beliefs.
  2. To encourage learning, teaching, and exposure to further our own personal beliefs as well as the beliefs of others.
  3. To create a safe and comfortable place for everyone to be open and whom they are.
  4. To create both an on-line and off-line community based on trust and respect.
  5. To encourage interaction both on-line and off-line between all kinds.
  6. To create a network of all different walks of like-minded individuals both locally and across the Internet.
  7. To encourage participation in not only Haven based activities, but involvement in local subcultures and alternative belief communities.

Unity (through supporting diversity) is so very important in this day and age. So many misconceptions and misunderstandings abound regarding sub-cultures and alternate beliefs that those of us who live the life become utterly lost in despair while hopelessly trying to justify what it is we are or what we believe. This must come to an end. We must unify to be understood not only to the world outside, but amongst ourselves. Many times we live in our own little sheltered part of the world--perhaps with a few understanding souls--and forget that there are others out there that want to connect, share, and hear what we have to say. We must break down the barriers not only between our kind and the outside world, but also between ourselves.

Our main branch is located in Nevada, and we encourage anyone in the area to come and partake in our "Meets." We also have six chapters throughout the U.S. who are working on holding Meets of their own. If you are interested in joining or starting up a branch of Haven in your area, please contact Lady Night Eidolon. There is no cost, commitment, nor strings attached to becoming a member. Dedication to the group is all up to you! You can decide how much or how little you would like to be involved. It can be from as slight as receiving our newsletter via e-mail, to being involved in online chats and message boards, or to meeting with us in person. There is no limit to the possibilities!

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