We Encourage
Higher Learning
and Enlightenment

Haven of Kindred Spirits is dedicated to enlightenment and education of and about our kind. This includes sharing ideas and experiences in the form of classes. Classes are taught at Meets and special events hosted by Haven and any who have attended open Meets in the past and have signed the Code of Honor agreement are welcome to attend Class Meets and Events.

The Code of Honor agreement applies to all members of Haven. The Code is for both on-line and off-line community members and is subject to change. This code is pretty basic, and mostly common sense, but the lack of adherence to these principals has disrupted past Meets enough to give cause for this agreement.

  1. No flaming on message boards or in chats.

  2. No arguments – debate is encouraged, but pointless argumentation is not.

  3. We can and will have varying opinions. Be open to others opinions and try to understand or agree to disagree. Always remember that there is never only one right way.

  4. Honesty is a base of our community.

  5. Do not slander (or libel) another.

  6. We are here for many reasons…some to learn and teach…do not discourage this. If you are not interested, just do not listen…do not discourage others from listening.

  7. Treat all others with respect.

  8. Do not proclaim to be what you are not. Anyone found to be posing as someone or something they are not will be banned from the community.

  9. Everyone expresses themselves in a different way. If you are unsure of the meaning of a comment or post, ask before jumping to conclusions.

  10. We live in the 21st century… expect to hear a bit of profanity occasionally. If you are uncomfortable with someone’s use of profanity, express this; maybe they do not realize they are being offensive.

  11. If something is told in confidence, it remains in confidence. (*some acceptions apply*)

  12. Do not pry into others personal lives. Others tell only what they feel comfortable telling…the only exception is that the Inner Circle or Counsil does retain a right to ask personal information, in confidence, if necessary.

  13. No fighting among members…verbal, physical, magickal…it will not be tolerated. Any fight that ensues will be directed to arbitration to be dealt with.

  14. Arbitration on behalf of the Counsil is available to any one who requests it…if you are summoned to take part in arbitration it means there is an issue that must be addressed and you must comply. This is done in order to keep the peace.

  15. Those found in violation of any code will receive warning and possible moderation. Upon your third warning, you may be suspended from participation in Haven or put on a probationary period. (*some acceptions apply*)

  16. Those on probation will be suspended if further infractions occur or permanently suspended if their conduct is detrimental to Haven.

  17. Affiliations with Houses, Covens, groups, etc. are allowed without question. (*some acceptions apply*)

  18. If you chose to promote Haven or use our name, please do it in an appropriate and respectful manner. Remember that those reflections upon Haven are reflections upon all members.

  19. Participation on and/or offline is not mandatory to be a member of the community. Although, your involvement is taken into consideration when it comes to the decision making process on Haven issues.

  20. If you are interested in promoting your group/event through Haven, it must first be cleared through Counsil. Email a moderator or group owner before posting advertisements or promotions. Those who use the group as their personal advertising space will be moderated.

  21. Haven has a list of affiliate groups that are allowed to share and promote their groups/events without question. These are individuals/groups that have already followed protocol and have prior permission to do so. If you are interested in being part of our affiliates, please contact Counsil.

  22. All photos uploaded to the photos section of the online groups are subject to approval and must not be pornographic in nature.

  23. All files uploaded to the online groups are subject to approval.

  24. Most importantly, be who you are, enjoy and have fun!

Addendum -

Acceptions do not apply to general community membership. Acceptions may apply to Counsil members. Acceptions may also include the purpose of defaming of Haven or its members, starting drama, or leadership positions in groups that are detrimental to Haven (not applicable to general Haven membership).

If you are planning to attend a closed Meet or Event, expect to be asked to sign this code of honor in written format as your agreement to adhere to it. Failure to do so may result in your being asked to leave.

Allow me to clarify that if you are not interested in learning the lesson of the class, or in aiding the learning of others, you are not expected to be there. No one is forcing you to be at any of the Meets closed or otherwise, but if your focus is merely to socialize, please attend our Open Meets and allow the group at the Closed Meets to learn as they wish.

Please note that some classes taught are directed toward subjects that may not be suitable for children and therefore may require all students to be 18 or over. Exceptions apply with specific parental permission. A parental/guardian consent form can be filled out and given to the Haven Council in order to attend a class focusing on a more mature topic.

If you are interested in teaching a class, please contact someone in the Haven Counsil with your intent and what topic you would like to teach. We do have a screening process for those who would like to share thier knowledge and skills; and there are certain guidelines that must be followed. We do this to ensure that those teaching are in fact knowledgeable about their subject matter and have the dedication to be on our teaching staff. We also allow 'special guest' teachers which can be anyone from a general member to an outside party. The special guest teachers do not have to become a permanant part of our teaching staff, but still need the lesson cleared by the staff prior to teaching.

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