**Please Note: As of 2016 The Guardian Program is on Haitus. No new applications are being accepted.**

We trust our safety and security at Haven events to the honorable and courageous individuals known as the Guardians of Haven. They protect us, our temples, havens, households and individuals in various ways per the Color Guard they serve. Each, as a show of their honor and loyalty, has vowed to follow the tried and true old tribal ways of Family, Honor, Respect, Loyalty, and the Warrior way, as laid out in the Haven Guardian's Code of Honor. The Haven Guardians are NOT a group of militant radicals or fanatics so if that is what you are looking for please go somewhere else.

No one is or will be forced into any Guardianship position of the Haven Guardians. The Haven Guardians, Haven of Kindred Spirits, HOKS Council, Nox Noctis Domus, Haven Vamps and Kin, Trainers, and Teachers take no legal responsibility for any injuries that may occur in any activities or training of each Guardian, Protectorate, Teacher, or Trainer partakes in voluntarily.

There are four ranks within the Haven Guardians: Squire, Apprentice, Knight, and Triad. Those enrolled in the training program are Squires. After completing the basic training, the Squire chooses a Color Guard and will then be an Apprentice to that Color Guard. Upon completing Apprenticeship, the individual is Knighted. Finally, those senior members trained in all aspects of the Guardians and the individual Color Guards may advance into open positions on the Triad. The Triad are the three leaders of the Guardians themselves and answer to the High Council of HOKS. For detailed information on the Haven Guardian Program, please visit the Haven Guardians Forum.


Peteulanus Curator - Radiance of Blue

Virdis Curator - Radiance of Earthy Green

Crocus Curator - Radiance of Yellow Rays

Arancio Curator - Radiance of Orange Nova

Rutilus Curator - Radiance of Liquid Lava

Frons Curator - Connected With the Earth

Puniceus Curator - Connected With Water

Niger Curator - Connected to the Void

Niveus Curator - Connected To Spirit

Canus Curator - Grey Guardian


    Before har, the most high
    I vow, and swear to be
    An Atheling, enobled not by birth or bloodline,
    But noble in word and deed,
    Thought and heart.
    I shall work the Weal
    Of kith and kin, folk and friend
    Ever before my own want or need.
    My word shall be my bond
    And I will pledge and keep troth
    So that my name and deeds
    Live longer than my flesh.
    My blood and my life I will lay down willingly
    At the need of my kin and my folk
    Yet I will not willingly lead these
    Into needless strife or battle,
    But rather make amends and
    Futher fryth
    That my folk will prosper,
    Ever and ever,
    I will give almes; Gifu,
    The redes will guide me
    The gods abide me
    The land bestride me
    True heart inside me!
    In hearth I keep the elden ways,
    Welcome those who fare each day
    Seeking out my steading's door
    And host them from my own goodsstore.
    The weak, the childern
    I will shield
    To strong and steadfast,
    Honor deal.
    Punish liar, smite the thief.
    Give comfort to the ones in grief.
    Honor women, source of life,
    be they lover, neighbor, wife.
    Teach the younglings needful lore
    That folk shall stand forever more.
    Then, with courage, meet my death
    Blessing mine with my last breath.
    I thank the gods for every day.
    And guide our kin to elden way!

Used with permission from Lady Adrianna
"The Atheling Code was gifted to us for use by Valkor, Founder and Creator of Southsire
via the Temple of Lost Souls's continuation of the Southsire Traditions, Blessed Be!"

© 2017 All Copyrights reserved to original Author. Do not copy, change, or alter without written permission from the Author first. Do not reprint and/or retransmit unless in entirety with copyright statement and credit to the original author attached. Any copying, changes, alterations, reprints, and/or retransmits without copyright statement and credit to original author attached will be considered a copyright infringement and punishable by law.

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