Offering Support, Thoughts, and Energies To Those In Need

Weekly or bi-weekly at our Meet-Ups we spend a bit of time keeping those in need in our thoughts, prayers and meditations. Here you will find listings of the Prayer Circles or individuals in our thoughts. Please feel free to keep them in your thoughts and prayers...for they need us all. If you would like to add someone to a Prayer Circle, please contact Lady Night for details

Hauntd Needs Healing Energies

Healing and positive energies are needed for a close Haven friend.

Hauntd continues to battle physical, debillitating problems. Please offer up your positive energies to keep her spirits up and healing energies to help her body heal.

Sue needs your hope

Hope and the strength to keep battling a life and death war to a very dear friend.

My friend Sue is battling terminal illness, and is very weary of heart and body. Please send refreshing energies and spiritual strength to this courageous and generous soul. She has much more yet to give this world.

Mau ooo ^..^ ooo

Evening's In-Laws

Soothing energy for Family

Evening's Father-in-Law has suffered a stroke a while back and with this and other personal family issues created a ripple effect of stress and chaos in Evening and Ron's surrounding family. Please bless them all with Peace and Comfort during this time.

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