The Haven Counsil is basically the moderators for the Haven on-line group and the peacekeepers of the general community. The Counsil is not here to control, but to help in resolving issues that may arise. In any group there are bound to be disagreements and sometimes they can get out of hand and need a mediator to step in. That is what the Counsil is there for.

In addition to being the peacekeepers and mediators, The Counsil is responsible for welcoming new members and making them feel at home. They are generally there to assist the community and help out in any way necessary. Occasionally this does include general counseling, guiding, and perhaps teaching. Not all Counsil members fall into this catagory, and Junior Counsil Members (those on probation) are not allowed to do counseling without prior Counsil approval. No Counsil Member is allowed to counsel, mentor, or teach any individual under the age of 18 (exceptions apply only with prior approval).

Many Counsil members are also either State Representatives or Chapter Heads as well. The additional duties of these positions are helping keep the Haven Chapter Groups running smoothly and, in some cases, being the local meet-up organizer. There is much more responsibility for a State Rep/Chapter Head so we approve those that have a record for dedication.

Each Chapter Group, as well as the main Haven Group, has their own set of moderators; and each moderator has their own set of duties to be determined by that member's availability and expertise. New Counsil members are subject to a probationary period set forth by the rest of the Counsil.

There are several requirements to be part of the must be a member of the Haven Community, be able to be impartial, have a desire to be involved, and be friendly and outgoing. At this point in time, there is no set number of Counsil members, although approval to the committee is at the discretion of the founders.

Founder, CEO and President
Lady Night Eidolon

Haven of Kindred Spirits, Inc. is a non-profit organization of the state of Nevada, founded December 15th, 2004. All names listed above sit on the Board of Directors. Lady Night is its Resident Agent.

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